Content Marketing Strategy 101

Content Marketing Strategy 101

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Learn to craft a content marketing strategy that's guaranteed to grow your business. This is the content marketing strategy I've test driven in the real-world to drive growth at startups to enterprises like Shopify, and deliver over 7,000 downloads on the Content Marketing Playbook podcast.

This online course will help you level up as a content strategist.

You're guaranteed:
  • Ample takeaways you can action now and take your content to the next level
  • Exclusive access to the templates and dashboards I use at Shopify to create a content strategy and track growth
  • An understanding of the fundamentals of how content marketing can power and influence your digital marketing strategy
This three hour course includes digestible chapters making it easy to stop and start or revisit modules and learn at your own pace. Through various case studies you'll see why and how content has grows businesses in a variety of industries and how it will work for yours.

In this content strategy course, step-by-step you’ll learn:

  • How to get easy buy-in from your CMO or Director of Marketing by showing your content strategy supports business goals
  • What type of content creation will work best for your business
  • If social media marketing should be part of your strategy and when to use social media platforms as a core part of your content distribution
  • How to track conversions via your content’s impact [dashboard included]
  • Why buyer personas can cloud your content strategy and what to do to identify a target audience and start engaging audiences
  • How to develop an SEO content plan that improves search engine rankings
  • When to consider new content creation or optimization of older content
  • How to standardize creating great content and bake-in brand messaging

The only prerequisites needed to start: the appetite to learn, desire to take the initiative, and enrollment for a better way to create content. Purchase includes unlimited access to course materials such as:

  • Six modules that walk you through understanding content at core level to understanding if your content strategy is working
  • A content strategy template that allows you to get started documenting your strategy while learning
  • A reporting dashboard template that lets you start tracking page views and sessions as well as lead and email subscriber growth
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